The CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST No. 1 was established in  Austin, Texas and was founded by

Elder G.E. Smith in 1911, through his tent revival.  He won many souls, who received salvation

and was filled with the Holy Ghost.  The church then was known as Grave Yard Hill or Church

Cemetery Hills.


The church continued to grow under his ministry and was later relocated to Rosewood Ave.  Ten years later Elder F.C. Ford continued this work and won over 200 souls in one of his revivals that lasted six months at the old Anderson High School.


In 1920, the church was moved to the old Comal Street where Elder G.E. Smith built the first round top Tabernacle.  Elder G.E. Smith was supported by young people who worked faithfully with him in winning more souls.


As the church grew, some church auxiliaries were born: Sewing Circle, Art Circle, Purity Class Sunshine Band, Usher Board, Mother Board and the Pastor's Aides.  The Church Of God In Christ original building was remodeled during the years of Elder B.J. Wood and Bishop T.D. Iglehart, and in 1966 the construction of the church we are in today started at this location 1168 Angelina Street.  It was later dedicated on March 19th, 1967 under leadership of Elder B.J. Wood and his trustees, P.J. Porter, J.A. Dukes, J.D. Walker, L.C. Berry, L. Walker, J.W. Holmes, D.W. Dillard and Asst Pastor, Elder Otis Walker.  The mortgage on the church was paid off within ten years.  After the death of Supt. Wood, Bishop M.G.Grady became the fifth pastor of the church in 1976, who also followed in the footsteps of his predecessor.  Then the church went through a period without a leader, but was sustained through the help of God Almighty.


Supt. A. LaDell Thomas was appointed to serve as the sixth pastor of the church from 1986 through 1991.  The church again went through a short period of time without a pastor after Supt. A LaDell Thomas Jr left.


Through prayer and fasting, a hard working and dedicated man of God, Elder Robert A. Davis was appointed as the seventh pastor of the Church Of God In Christ No. 1,  by Bishop A. La Dell Thomas Sr.  As a matter of fact Elder Robert A. Davis and hid God fearing wife, Sister Alice Davis took over the leadership of this church, the membership has grown from 68 members to over 300 members.  He is a man of God who cares for the welfare of all his members.  Under his leadership, the former Live Oak Church Of God In Christ led by Supt. LeRoy Darden merged with the Church Of God In Christ  No. 1 in January 1995.